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A few days ago I upgrade my Linux mint, but now I see a red cross right in my Taskbar, what does that mean and what should I do to be able to upgrade again?


Hi Wil,

Please try to trigger the update directly from your terminal by executing the following command:

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt upgrade

Please paste the terminal output of the apt update command here.

Alternatively, start updated by executing the following command:

$ mintupdate

Does the issue also occurs to other users on the same system. Can you try create a new user and see if the issue still persists. This way we can narrow down the issue to either system-wide or per user basis.

If still no help. Please also paste here the output of the following command:

$ inxi -r


None of the commands helps to solve the problem, sorry.


Insufficient information provided! Please read How to reply paragraph.