18.04 will not reboot after doing updates


I recently had a problem with "failed repositores which was fixed but after updating quite a lot of updates my computer will not reboot (sorry but I have been away for a few weeks).
My boot order is CD then Hard drive .I can reinstall 18.04 from Disc but how can I retrieve files that are on my hard drives 18.04 that wont reboot.
I hope someone can help Dave


Hi Dave,

If you can boot in with the CD, you can boot in as a live session, and that way you can see the filesystem of the installation that will not boot (that is, if the filesystem is intact). At that point you can backup files you need from the previous installation (to an USB hard drive for example), and with the files safe, you can start with a fresh install. Or you can try to repair the one that fails, but backing up important files is always a good idea.

The options you can choose from are described in more detail in the Ubuntu Boot Repair tutorial.



Hi sandman I did what you said and I got this answer “The current session is in Legacy mode. Please reboot the computer and use this software in an EFI session . This will enable this feature. For example use a live-USB of Boot-repair-disc-64bit. after making sure your BIOS is set up to boot USB in EFI mode”

I dont think my BIOS can boot from USB but I can boot from CD.Is this the same? Im sorry but I am not very good at doing this sort of thing.
Is there any way I can get to my files and back them up and then maybe reinstall 18.04
Thanks Dave


Hi Sandman. I tried again re sudo boot-repair and the message said to indicate this URL to people who help me http//paste.ubuntu.com/p/cRXPFMsZfh/
I hopr this may help Dave


Hi Sandman, Im sorry for mucking you about but I have just realised how to do it, boy I’m dumb.Please forgive me…How do I cancel this topic? Dave


Hi Dave,

No worries, what matters is that your system is up and running. No need to cancel this topic, it may help others with similar problem to find the solution.