Anydesk remote control on bionic beaver

Hi from a Beaver newbie.
Having been kicked out twice by teamviewer for “suspected commercial use” I have decided to use Anydesk on my pcs .
I first changed the root password with the passwd command.
I downloaded Anydesk from here: Index of /puppylinux/pet_packages-bionic64/
When I double click the file I keep being asked for the “Administrator password”.
I have entered my new password and “woofwoof”, no success.
Any help would be appreciated,
thanks and regards,

Hi Jmpaq,

Welcome to our forums.

You can test if your root password works on the terminal, to see if it works regardless of the installer. If you type:

$ su -

You will be asked for the root password, and will be granted with a root terminal if it is correct (marked with a “#” prompt).

Besides that, on Ubuntu the default setup reaches privileges by the way of sudoers, so installers built for Ubuntu usually ask for your own user’s password, because it is assumed that you, as the primary user of the machine, are a sudoer.

Hi, and thanks for your help.

I am afraid I may have to go back to Linux 101.

I am attaching a screenshot.

  1. I typed “su -” in a terminal window;

  2. I double-clicked the Anydesk pet file in the downloads directory;

  3. I keep getting an “Enter the administrator password” dialog box, even after entering the correct root pw.

thanks and regards,


Hi Jmpaq,

I think we got the problem. You are running your graphical session as root, the superuser. This is a dangerous thing to do, and applications built for Ubuntu assume you are running the installer as a normal user, who is a sudoer, which you aren’t.

I’d advise to try this installation with a normal user, who is also a sudoer. We have an article on sudoers basics. With that set up, you’ll need to provide that user’s password, not root’s.

Working as normal user and gaining root access only when necessary is the Ubuntu way, and is for a good reason - this way you have much less chance to break your system by mistake or external attack.