Apache workers stuck on "W" sending reply state , how to fix it?

Hello ,

I have a problem, when I log in to my WHM account and I look into “Apache Status” I see a lot of “W” stuck, here are screenshots of my WHM “Apache Status”.

Are there solutions to how to make improvements regarding this matter?

Considering I was new to the server and immediately found a problem like this, it made me a little confused where I should start.

Any help will be appreciated.

Hi Jennifer_Allen,

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If those “W”-s are processes sending reply as the printscreen suggests, it isn’t necessarily a problem. Your server serves 1000 requests, so a few tens of them in sending reply state does not seem to be a bad thing - rather, you may have some large content (from the bandwidth perspective) on the website that takes time to be sent, and is requested often (large picture, video, etc.). Do you have performance issues on this server?