AsRock UCC & Ubuntu boot


Hello guys. I’m using Ubuntu 18.04.1 X64 bit and I got a problem when I’m going to enable the AsRock UCC (unlock processors core) from BIOS [from AMD Athlone™ II x3 become AMD Phenom II x4 B45] and my ubuntu doesn’t boot anymore. Motherboard AsRock N68C-S UCC(8Gb Memory Ram, graphic card SAPPHIRE Radeon™ Dual-X R7 265 2G D5) Can anyone help me to fix this problem? Thanks


Do you get into GRUB menu and select Ubuntu from the menu or you do not even get into the GRUB? Can you provide more information and also review the following article as it may help you to fix your problem: Ubuntu Boot Repair -


I tried the GRUB menu but no chances to load it. I tried the live mod from usb and doesn’t work too. All of that only when I enable the AsRock UCC from BIOS. If I set it disable (from BIOS) everything works fine. I only want to get a 4 cores processors from 3 cores…but if doesn’t work with 4,I can “enjoy” my Ubuntu with 3 cores. Sorry for my bad english