Automatically mount USB external drive with autofs -


My Debian (up to date) system will automount USB pen drives on the fly, but not a 1 Tb external USB drive (Iomega), which will mount but it has to be attached before booting. How to I change the behaviour for the Iomega usb large drive so I can mount it after the system is up? Thanks.

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this command

$ udevinfo -a -p /sys/block/sdc/ | grep model

don’t exist anymore can u update please

AcidAgent -> Issa

replace “udevinfo” by “udevadm info” and it should work

Ubuntu 18.04LTS user here. This tutorial was great! I had to tweak this line:

SUBSYSTEM==“scsi”, ATTRS{model}=="Ext HDD 1021 ", SYMLINK+=“Iomega%n”

to this

SUBSYSTEMS==“scsi”, ATTRS{model}=="Ext HDD 1021 ", SYMLINK+=“Iomega%n”

Notice the ‘s’ on subsystems.