Backup the whole Ubuntu Server

I try to setup a Ubuntu 20.04 server on Thinkpad
As I’m new I made config mistakes with a wrong instal script from Restyaboard which ruined my virtualmin setup and I had to start from scratch.
My Thinkpad should run without screen keybord & mouse like a VPS.
Now my question is howto backup the whole server via putty to a connected USB HD?
And how to restore everything in case of …

Hi Witzker,

I would suggest the tutorial on dd command, which will show you how to create a block level copy of a device. You don’t need to overwrite the whole USD device, only place a block level copy of the disk in the laptop into a file. Be sure to test your method before applying (in a virtual machine, for example), dd is a handy tool, but can also be a real destructive one if used improperly.