Bash scripting Tutorial -


First you need to find out where is your bash interpreter located. Enter the following into your command line:

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what command should i enter so that it askes me to specify a filename for the backup file



I want to know how to create a filename for the backup file please


Yves Masur

Good intro, thanks. Typo: in ‘Case statement conditional’ Python is gived as phyton…



Very nice, easy and comprehensive tutorial.
Thank you a lot


Alfonso Hernandez

Could you please elaborate on this exercise: “2. Simple Backup bash shell script” I don’t know what is being backed up.


Lubos Rendek Mod -> Alfonso Hernandez

It creates a backup of the entire /home/linuxconfig directory.



I got error -bash: ./ /bin/bash^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory


Tiberiu Dascal -> MyStockAlarm

You need to run dos2unix