Bug in kernel 3.10 in tcsh or csh

This bug is true on centos and on redhat – on redhat forum.
After updating to kernel version 3.10.0-1062.el7.x86_64 the shell prompt has changed from “name@host: /full/path” to “[name@host current_directory]$”.
log in as a user whose default shell is csh or tcsh, I get a syntax error.

new kernel does not parse if clauses as previous , no change in system wide /etc/tcsh or /etc/cshrc which no longer parse as before.

Found the solution and not the kenel as reported on redhat forum (link not allowed for me) it was an error in /etc/profile.d/kde.csh

Hey Steve,

Thanks for sharing the solution. Haven’t hit this bug since in my environments we enforce sh or bash, but it is good to know about this issue.