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Do you need a GUI to be able to create and burn your favorite music tracks on a standard audio CD which then can be used by any CD player? The answer is no ! GUI is for losers ! Right? 🙂 Let’s see how hard it is to burn an audio CD with a cdrecord linux command.

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Personally I store music as .mp3. I use SoundConverter to convert the .mp3 to .wma (audio cd format). You can burn from .mp3 but you will lose your tag data and titles. I then use Brasero for burning a music CD as it allows you to input more album information.
In reality today if your equipment can play .mp3 it is the better way to go. You can get many more songs on a DVD, have all the tag info, titles and also display any album art. Both Brasero and K3B are great GUI programs to get .mp3 burning accomplished.
I use Audacity to produce and edit music. Easytag lets you give songs album art.

An even better option is to put your music on a USB drive. Most new equipment today plays USB’s and you can include many songs, albums or mixed playlist on one USB drive, and all that is required is drag and drop.

I tried this and when I hit enter I get only the arrow cursor at the left margin,
which is to say I don’t think anything happened.

I think I’ll try xburn, and come back to this later
Apologize for all the code, but I have lost the thread for dpaste

for f in *; do mv “$f” `echo $f | tr ‘/home/brian/Downloads/Downloads/Op.35_#17(Mastered_with_Aurora_at_50pct).flac’ ‘/home/brian/Downloads/Downloads/Georgia_Railroad_(Mastered_with_ClearSky_at_50pct).flac’ ‘/home/brian/Downloads/Downloads/Variation_on_La_Folia_(Mastered_with_Aurora_at_50pct).flac’ ;

Apologize for all the code, but I have lost the thread for dpaste