Calibre DRM Removal for Ebooks on Linux -

Calibre is one of the best ebook tools out there. It's much more than a reader and a library. Calibre even helps you author your own ebooks. In addition to all that, it lets you remove DRM and convert your ebooks between formats. Think of it like a cross between Kodi and Handbrake, but for ebooks.

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For me, installing and using Calibre on Linux wasn’t that simple. To actually be able to remove DRM, the plugin needs the user’s keys for the respective DRM platform. To be able to remove Adobe DRM from epub books, either Adobe Digital Editions, a Windows application, must be installed through Wine and DeDRM must point to the correct wineprefix path (which sometimes might be found automatically by the plugin, sometimes not, depending on how you use Wine), or those keys must be imported manually from somewhere. The procedure is similar for Kindle e-books, but even slightly more tricky, since it involves using an older Kindle for Windows application which has to be configured to not automatically update.

I’m having alot of difficulty with this. After many hours I was finally able to install ADE using winetricks (was impossible with just Wine) . Then in the final step in calibre, trying to customize the plugin, and it asks for the Wineprefix, nothing is working. I found some discussion online and it suggests “~/.local/share/wineprefixes/adobe_diged”, so I tried that but it doesn’t work, nor another suggestion on that page: “In WINEPREFIX put in /home/YOURUSERNAME/.adewine” . Whatever I enter for the wineprefix it just says “The Default encryption key for Adobe Digital editions could not be found”. So I’m giving up for now after struggling with this all night…

Have you managed to add the encryption key? I’m having the same problem, and I would need some help with this.

I came across this thread and wanted to add the steps that I had to follow to get DeDRM working on Linux using Wine.

  1. Install Adobe Digital Editions. I followed instructions I found in a Reddit thread (sorry, I can’t post the link) called installing_adobe_digital_editions_wine These instructions are for Arch Linux, so for Ubuntu the exact commands will be different, but the key is you need wine, winetricks, samba, and lib32-gnutils.
  2. After you install ADE, open it and activate your computer.
  3. Download and install Python 2.7 (32-bit) and PyCrypto using Wine, e.g.:
    WINEPREFIX="$HOME/.wine32" wine msiexec /i ~/Downloads/python-2.7.18.msi
    WINEPREFIX="$HOME/.wine32" wine ~/Downloads/pycrypto-2.6.win32-py2.7.exe
  4. In Calibre, install DeDRM and configure it. Set the WINEPREFIX to whatever you used (in my case, you can see it was /home/username/.wine32… if you used /home/yourusername/.adewine then you should use this, it’s totally dependent on how you installed ADE!)

This worked for me… if it doesn’t work for you I suggest running Calibre from the command line, you’ll be able to see the errors that DeDRM throws when it tries to decrypt your ADE activation key