Cannot get 18.04 to install on Asus M51AC desktop

I am having a problem getting 18.04.2 to install on my desktop which is an Asus M51AC.

I have 16.04 on it now, but it won’t process upgrades anymore and I thought it would be a good time to go to 18.04. Here is what I have done so far:

  1. I downloaded Ubuntu 18.04.2 and that worked fine.
  2. I put it on a USB drive with a couple different ways, but I know it works because one time I forgot to take it out of my Windows machine and it booted into it.
  3. I got into the BIOS and updated the UEFI so that it boots from the USB Stick first.
  4. It then immediately went into the boot mode, but the screen went black. Nothing I pressed helped.
  5. I then did the install on a DVD and the exact same thing happened.

Any help would be really appreciated! I am pulling my hair out about this…

Thank You,
Mike LaPointe

Ok, forget it. I was trying to install Ubuntu 18.04 while connected to my 65" TV. I believe that why it wasn’t working. I have it connected to a monitor now and I believe it is going through the installation process. :slight_smile: I remember now that is how I did it for 16.04. :smiley:


I have came across an error where my Skype Mic Not Working Windows 10 properly and this just happened after the recent security update of the windows 10.