Catfish or Tracker?


Hi, LinuxConfig people,

I just read about the Catfish indexing & searching files application, now faster than ever.

I usually go with Tracker because it’s the default app (although it gave me big headaches when indexing, because in the past it slowed down a lot my GNOME desktop; the bug is fixed now).

What is your recommendation? To have both apps or just one? Pros and cons? If only one is the way, which one you suggest?

I have Ubuntu 18.10 and GNOME desktop.

Thanks for your feedback!



I’m not familiar with any but just to put my two cents in, I’m perfectly fine with good old locate command. Perhabs, I’m too old school.

If you are worried about indexing simply set cron to execute updatedb command at some point your are not sitting in front of your desktop. After that run:

$ locate myfilename



Thanks, Lubos.
Yes, it’s lighter option than GIU apps.

The cron tip is great!