Configure systems to mount file systems at boot by universally unique ID (UUID) or label - RHCSA Objective Preparation -

While in the desktop world we rarely change our hard drive - and that mostly indicated by hardware failure - in the server world it isn't uncommon for the underlying storage environment to change over time.

In a SAN (Storage Area Network) environment, for High Availability, a server can reach it's storage trough many paths, in reality distributed and mirrored to multiple disks in the storage network. If some paths change, the server needs to identify the "disk" again. That's why it is recommended to use special identifiers set on the device, and mount by these identifiers, not by device name which may change. In this part of RHCSA exam preparation tutorial, we'll add a new disk to our test machine, and configure mounting by UUID (Universally Unique IDentifier) and by label.

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