Customization of the background image of the desktop

It would be nice to be able to easily change the background image of the desktop.


It is undocumented in LxLauncher but I think you just need to copy your background file into $HOME/.config/lxlauncher/background.png or maybe as a JPG file.

I was more thinking of an simple interface in the “Settings” page that could be used by anyone to customize the desktop background.

I’d like to help but, even if I’m a developper by trade, I know nothing about Linux :frowning:
But I’ll think of it …

In this case you don’t need to know that much about Linux. This is just a matter of making a Python/Gtk interface to choose the images and some simple code to copy them to the correct destination in the system. Coding in DoudouLinux doesn’t usually require to be an expert in anything. We want something simple, which implies simple algorithms and simple data structures. I can also guide you in Linux internals if this was required :).

It is undocumented in LxLauncher but I think you just need to copy your background file into $HOME/.config/lxlauncher/background.png or maybe as a JPG file.

umm yeah this did not work for me. I am a little disappointed that something as basic as a wallpaper cannot be changed easily. I have checked all the standard config files ane even grepped files for the words backgorund and wallpaper (case insensitive) hoping to find something.

Why are you guys waiting for someone to re-invent the wheel? There are many wallpaper apps out there not to mention whats easily available in the debian repos. I was quite excited about this project for my daughter, but it is getting increasingly frustrating. I can’t even mount an encrypted LUKS pen with files to put on the computer b/c cryptsetup is not even installed. I cannot get my GPRS/3G aircard detected by network-manager to run an update/upgrade then install some badly missing tools in addition to cryptsetup.

Sorry this is turning into a mini-rant, but I am quite mystified as a 10+ year linux user why this has been about the most difficult thing I have had to install in a long long while. There needes to be a host of standard apps available to get things done that can be disabled (permissions) for the kids using the desktop.

At least tell me how to change the wallpaper to get rid of that ugly default. I have opened pix with viewer and selected set pictire as wallpaper but nothing changes, even after alogout and then a reboot; although one of the config files, I forget which does get updated with the set picture as background request, but the background does not change. What is going on here? I think I want my kid to be able to play with chnging backgrounds and anything else like themes and icon sets she wants to try. Sheesh!

Sorry, $HOME/.config/lxlauncher/background.png works like a charm for me. If you’re unhappy with DoudouLinux, you are free to use any other OS. You can also fix what needs to be fixed! That said, we won’t bother with 3G or LUKS though.