Do I need additional tools?

Hi all, I just registered on the forum, I want to ask a question to those who know about Linux, as this is a new topic for me. I have Windows and I need to use it to connect remotely to a Linux Mint computer, can you tell me if I need to install something extra or if there is a way to do without it. I would be grateful for help.

Hello, I am also new to Linux, I read the other day about what you are asking.
As far as I understand you can do this without any additional downloads, you first need to let other users connect to your desktop on the computer you’re connecting to (Linux Mint). There is an instruction on how to do this here: Tools for remote access Linux Mint. But to be on the safe side and to prevent unwanted connections you have to create a password and check the box next to “Require user to enter this password”.

Hi Woody,

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Depending on your needs you can use a graphical connection (for which you can use the remote desktop application already included in Windows), or a command-line connection, which you will come by sooner or later. The most common way for command line access is called ssh, which also provides encrypted communication. You can use putty on Windows to create such a connection.