Dual Booting Question

I’m on a roll now.

My present destop is about 8 years old. Windows 7 & it was refurbished, It’s served me well and still does…but it’s getting old. I’m seriously thinking of replacing it with a refurbished Lenovo M900 from Amazon. I kinda like refurbished…one man’s junk and so on.

My question here is…Would I be better off dual booting Linux with Windows 10? or just wiping Windows 10 completely? I am by no means a Microsoft fan, but would like input from others as to their opinion, or what they may have done.



This is mostly depends on your use case. For me, I dumped good old Windows back at XP days, never to look back. This only applies to my home systems though, where I can choose what I run and how I run it. If you have software that only runs on Windows, you may need it anyhow - but in that case, you can also run it in a virtual machine, which saves you from the fuss of rebooting should you need to switch to another operating system. That is, if your hardware has the power to run a virtual machine on top of the original operating system.