Dual Booting Question

I’m on a roll now.

My present destop is about 8 years old. Windows 7 & it was refurbished, It’s served me well and still does…but it’s getting old. I’m seriously thinking of replacing it with a refurbished Lenovo M900 from Amazon. I kinda like refurbished…one man’s junk and so on.

My question here is…Would I be better off dual booting Linux with Windows 10? or just wiping Windows 10 completely? I am by no means a Microsoft fan, but would like input from others as to their opinion, or what they may have done.



This is mostly depends on your use case. For me, I dumped good old Windows back at XP days, never to look back. This only applies to my home systems though, where I can choose what I run and how I run it. If you have software that only runs on Windows, you may need it anyhow - but in that case, you can also run it in a virtual machine, which saves you from the fuss of rebooting should you need to switch to another operating system. That is, if your hardware has the power to run a virtual machine on top of the original operating system.

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Unless something is broken there isn’t any point until a solution to Spectra is released. You’ll still be using old architecture with security holes in it, and you will only heighten your anxiety level with something you don’t know. If you think your PC is slow because it has a single core or a dual core then read on about how browsers disable parallel processing (muticore) for security reasons. I have a 12-core system and it barely runs w10 and just sucks at Linux. My 10-yrs old Samsung out performs it in every way except for the GPU. The only reason I’d update is for a better Graphics card. That in itself is misleading because not all AMD_GPUs support Linux. Before you buy it. Check with the Graphics vendor to ensure it has drivers for the OS you want to use it for. I recently learned that not all PCs can run Android4PC simply because drivers are not yet developed …i.e see NVIDIA bug report.