Gnome-mastermind game and Ubuntu Linux


Transfered from Linux Config Disqus comments:

I’m new to Linux and recently I have installed Ubuntu Linux. I’m wondering how would I install new software like games and etc. I’m really fan of a mastermind game and wish to have it also on my Ubuntu linux. Is there anything like mastermind game for Ubuntu linux?


Ubuntu linux comes with thousands of software package which are waiting to be installed by the end user. Just a portion of those packages is installed on your system by default. You as end user can make a decision which packages would be best to be installed on your system to fit your needs. To search all available packages for a mastermind game from command line execute a following command:

$ apt-cache search mastermind game
ace-of-penguins - graphical solitaire-games with penguin-look
colorcode - advanced clone of the MasterMind code-breaking game
gnome-mastermind - Mastermind (TM) clone for GNOME Desktop
gtkboard - many board games in one program
sgt-puzzles - Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection - 1-player puzzle games

The above is list of packages which contain keywords “mastermind game”. The package name is at the beginning of each output line. To install a package “gnome-mastermind” execute a following command:

$ sudo apt-get install gnome-mastermind

Enter your password and wait until installation completes. To start the game navigate to your GNOME menu or execute command:

$ gnome-mastermind 

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