Google Drive on Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver Linux -

The objective is to seamlessly provide access to Google Drive on Ubuntu 18.04. Firstly, we will access Google Drive via Gnome build-in feature Online Accounts. Later, as an alternative, this tutorial will explain how to install google drive tool: google-drive-ocamlfuse via PPA and mount Google Drive remotely directly to user's home directory.
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Onii Chan

Hey, that’s great and I was able to see my files from drive in nautilus. But I can’t copy paste or do any other similar operations on files. It gives out an error “Authorization required”. Why ? I just signed in, right ?


Matthew Barlow

Thank you for this great and helpful article. Ubuntu Online Accounts is a great feature that I’ve always over-looked.

Insyc is a much better alternative than over grive. Not only are there more features but the support is far better and customer service is polite and willing to help. I purchased the license for over grive and couldn’t find the license key so I reached out to them (him) through email and the response Christiaan
Diedericks gave me was “Be patient and check your email before wasting our time.” For Insync you don’t need a license key to remember or store for access when you need it again. Simply use your Drive login. Insync also works with Windows, Mac and Linux. Since I dual boot with Windows I use it on both OS


Matthias Noack

Wow, thanks. gdfuse is great, love it.


Hi, Lubos.
As always, this is another great tutorial: easy to understand and very effective. Thanks!

Just a question. Why is needed the sudo before mkdir (on local directory)?
I disregarded, and made the directory as regular user. I had no problem connecting with Google Drive. Is there something I am missing?


Well, to be honest I really do not know. I think it is simply an error on my part. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. The article will be updated shortly to reflect your suggestion.