Help with virtualbox/linux network setup

I’ve recently installed virtualbox on my windows8.1 and created a linux rhel7.9 server. Problem is I can’t get it to connect to the internet (via my pc connection) and have been going round in circles. Can someone advise what I need to do here please ?
Any help much appreciated !
Result of routel command attached

Hi Robboc1,

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Can you provide us the output of an ip a command also?

Thanks Sandmann
Here’s the ip a output:

That verifies that your virtual machine does not have ipv4 address. Can you show us the network settings of this machine in VirtualBox?

Hi Sandmann,
Apologies for the delay in replying.
This has got in a right mess now. I am getting ‘network unreachable’ and ip route comes back with nothing so I’ve definitely set something up incorrectly on the linux guest :frowning:
Any help much appreciated. I’ll post the results of various displays.

Hi Sandmann,

Forget all that - I got it working by setting up a simple Nat Network!
You live and learn I suppose…


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Good information thanks for sharing