How to check my Local and External IP address on Kali Linux -

The following article will illustrate some of the common ways on how to determine a local and public IP address on Kali Linux.
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Sunny Kumar

Awesome :smiley: Thank you…


Abhinav Thakur

police can trace us*


Abhinav Thakur

is it possible that we are using kali linux and can trace us with the help of internal or external ip.plz tell


EliteHaxor -> Abhinav Thakur

if you spoof your mac adress no one should be able to track you. especially if youre using a proxy or vpn



I can only see wireless connection. There is nothing in the wired section for me. I am using wifi. What should I do?


OneAndOnly -> Koro_Sensei

Hi, run a command ‘ifconfig’. There will be interface name starting with ‘wl’ - wireless. There is an ip in which you are interested …


Koro_Sensei -> OneAndOnly

I know that command actually. But my confusion starts when I see vmnet1 and vmnet8 also. I don’t understand which one is my correct IP.


OneAndOnly -> Koro_Sensei

Run a command ‘iwconfig’. There is an info which device is connected to which wireless network. Than you can match the name of active wireless device with ''ifconfig" output.


Koro_Sensei -> OneAndOnly

It’s showing wlan0 as the only connection and the rest are showing as no active wireless connections. I get it but what is my valid mac address? When I do ‘ifconfig’ I get mac addresses in wlan0, vmnet1 and also vmnet8. So which will be the mac address of my NIC?