How to configure Samba Server share on Debian 9 Stretch Linux -

The below configuration procedure will assume a following scenario and pre-configured requirements:
  • Server and MS Windows client are located on the same network and no firewall is blocking any communication between the two
  • MS Windows client can resolve samba server by hostname samba-server
  • MS Windows client's Workgroup domain is WORKGROUP

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Rodrigo Alessandro Barbosa

Hi, I’m trying to run samba on my RPi with Raspbian Stretch but when I try “systemctl restart smbd” it´s returns something like this “Failed to restart smbd.service: Unit smbd.service not found”.
Any clue what´s happening?


samba man page shows “server role = standalone”; ie it does not end in server.


Finally a simple samba setup! I had to reinstall from scratch my Debian 8 NAS, and I decided to go for Stretch. I was going to setup webmin but it was too much for my needs (a public open share) and I found your page. It was a breeze. Thanks a lot!

Mbeku Ptoxy

Thanks a lot for excellent guide, worked like a charm. I installed raspbian stretch (fresh) yesterday and spent almost 3 hours trying to get samba share to work (usb pen drive - ext4 - on pi) for XP without success. I started with a fresh raspbian image today and with this article I got it working in less then 10 min. Great !

Lubos Rendek -> Mbeku Ptoxy

Good to heard that it helped! Thanks for your kind words as they are extremely motivating!

Edison Trajano

Hello good day! Excellent tutorial and very detailed! But unfortunately with me it did not work! I
use windows 10 and Debian 9, I followed all the steps of toturial, but
windows 10 insists on not recognizing the samba server network!

Stephen M. Schaefer -> Edison Trajano

Same here. I got to the step of mounting the shares and Windows does not find them. But Samba shares set up in RetroPie builds work fine, so I do know that Windows 10 CAN recognize a Samba share. Just not the one I set up manually.

Clifton Foster

Thank you for the easy to follow tutorial. It worked great and I’m sharing folders with my Windows machine. Do you have one for setting up printers on Debian 9 and sharing them as Samba print shares so I can print to the Debian 9 printer from Windows? Great tutorial.

Charlie Whitman -> Clifton Foster

I’ve found it easier and more advantageous to share my Linux printer as an IPP printer and send jobs to it from Windows that way. There is less configuration to do, and it will work whatever way you need it to.

If the printer is working in Linux, you can share it as a CUPS printer and install a generic Postscript driver in Windows. In this way you can have Windows print to printers that have Linux drivers still, even if they no longer provide a Windows driver.

If the printer doesn’t have Linux drivers, you can share it as a raw queue and install the native Windows drivers to install it on Windows clients even if it doesn’t actually work from Linux.

Clifton Foster -> Charlie Whitman

Thank you very much. I will give it a try. I appreciate the replies.

Lubos Rendek -> Clifton Foster

Hi Clifton, thanks for your kind words. I’m afraid no Samba print shares article yet. I’ll keep it in mind…!!

Thanks for this wonderful tuto !