How to create a custom Fedora live image with Lorax - Linux Tutorials - Learn Linux Configuration

Fedora is one of the most popular Linux distributions: the distribution is sponsored by Red Hat, but its development is community-driven. While the default version of Fedora ships with the GNOME desktop environment (it is probably the ideal choice if you want to use a vanilla version of the latter), there are many alternative spins available, which allows us to try a variety of desktop environments such as XFCE or KDE Plasma. In few easy steps it is even possible to build and try a custom Fedora live image.

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With Fedora 40, it was also necessary to install a few additional libraries, change the SELinux mode:
mock -r fedora-40-x86_64 --install libblockdev libblockdev-utils libblockdev-loop libblockdev-lvm libblockdev-btrfs libblockdev-swap libblockdev-crypto libblockdev-mpath libblockdev-dm libblockdev-mdraid libblockdev-fs libblockdev-nvme

sudo setenforce 0