How to create and manage KVM virtual machines from CLI -

Knowing how to create and manage KVM virtual machines from command line can be really useful in certain scenarios: when working on headless servers, for example. Nonetheless, being able to script interactions with virtual machines can greatly improve our productivity. In this tutorial you will learn how to create, delete, clone and manage KVM machines with the help of few utilities.
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Thank you for the Article. Do you have any article to create VM with NICs?


Thank you for this short hint how to enable libvirtd

what a great article. Thank you very much to share it!

Good details…

I am trying to find a KVM forum of users to help as I dig more into maintaining VMs under KVM.

I have a posting about how to duplicate what GUI is doing into CLI on network. The man pages and other sites talk a lot , but NO Examples :frowning:

I have posting on CentOS forum but …if their is another forum that has more KVM focus that someone can point me to that would also help as this is a bit too specific for general Linux forum.