How to Display System Information With Neofetch -

Learn how to install, use, and customize Neofetch to display system information in the terminal.

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I just wanted to drop a short message informing that, as of April 2024, Neofetch has been archived on GitHub. It had been abandoned long ago; the last update was from 2020 or 2021.

Instead, you might wish to take a look at a well-maintained fork of Neofetch, known as HyFetch (available on GitHub under hykilpikonna/hyfetch — sorry, I cannot post links here). It was originally created for the purpose of showing a LGBTQIA-friendly colouring. However, since Neofetch was pretty much abandoned, it also serves as the “most official possible” repository for Neofetch itself, and the maintainer(s) explain how to install the pristine, original Neofetch from the sources (while still applying all the 1000+ commits made on HyFetch, obviously).

In other words… Neofetch lives on, but it’s not on the ‘original’ GitHub repository any longer, and even its former domain name and website have been ‘taken over’ by domain scrappers.