How to dual boot Kali Linux and Windows 10 -

If you want to run Kali Linux on your system but you already have Windows 10 installed, you have a couple of options. One thing you could do is install Kali Linux in a virtual machine, as we've shown in our tutorials for installing Kali in VMware and installing Kali in VirtualBox.

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Hello ! Thanks a lot for this tutorial it’s really helpful and detailed !
However i’m having trouble Instaling Grub… Everything goes flawlessly but when I get to the part where Grub is installing I get a Fatal Error with this in the console :

grub install error failed to register the efi boot entry : input output error

I tried to find solutions but i think i’m not skilled enought to understand them… Would someone be able to help here ?
I don’t know what information a should provide so just ask for them if you need some.
Thanks a Lot !

Sorry for potential english mistakes

Hi Paul_dubois,

Welcome to our forums.

First of all, what hardware you are trying to install dual boot on? Does it support UEFI boot?

It is a labtop given by my state : here’s the config :

So yeah it does support UEFI Boot.

I’d suggest you try the install with secure boot disabled. I had some install issues with that in the past.

It is already disabled

I searched for a bit, and found that Ubuntu installer does have a bit of a problem with this hardware. After the grub install error, try to boot again from your installation media, and select the grub option of starting Ubuntu without installation - in effect using the installation media’s grub loader. When the operating system starts, you’ll need to install boot-repair, run it, and select the recommended repair.

Sorry but how do i start without instalation ? i can’t find the option

In theory you could finish the installation (creating the needed partitions and place files needed by the new operating system) without the proper grub install, and repair the grub part afterwards. But if the installer does not let you continue with this error present, this solution will not work with your installation media.

I did that the installation is complete but I think i understood i’m supposed to repair the boot errors from within Linux but how can i boot on it again ?

it’s this part that i didn’t understand.
PS : Thanks a lot for spending so much time helping me !

If the installer detects an already installed distribution, it should show up and option to boot into that operating system. There should be a menu after booting from the media that shows “memory test”, “install Kali” etc. and here should be an option to boot into the already installed distribution. At least, most distribution’s installers do that - I admit I don’t have much experience with Kali.