How to get mint 19.1 to see my cdrom

get no response in terminal with # wodim --devices command. tried using # apt-get install wodim

apt-get install cdrecord still no response. What am I missing?

Hey Bobcapp,

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If by getting no response in terminal you mean literally no output, then you may be typing the “#” (hash) sign in front of your command, which is a mark on these forums that it should be executed on a root session (and your prompt ends with it by default). But if you actually type it in front of your commands, the command interpreter will treat anything after the hashmark as comment, and thus will provide no feedback.

If this is not the case, you should get some answer to your commands, which you could share with us, so we can see a bit more about what happens in your system, and help you get the CD up and running.