How to increase TTY console resolution on Ubuntu 18.04 Server -

The default TTY console resolution on Ubuntu 18.04 Server is normally 800x600. This may be satisfactory in many cases. However, there are times that higher resolution is required. To increase TTY console resolution on the Ubuntu 18.04 server it is necessary to change the configuration of the relevant GRUB boot loader settings within the /etc/default/grub.
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Thank you thank you thank you thank you! There is soooo much information out there that is so out of date and doesn’t work at all on 18.04. It took me half a day, but I finally found your post and it did the trick!

Of note to anyone else trying to go above 1024x768 - despite my display being 16x9 and 4k, I was only able to use 4x3 resolutions up to 1920x1440, which I actually found a little hard on the eyes on a 15", so I ended up going with 1600x1200.

Good to hear that it help. You may also be interest in the following article on how to change Font size on TTY console.

thank you for the feedback…enjoy…