How to install a SDDM theme from source in Debian Buster?

Hi, LinuxConfig Team!

I have Debian Buster 10 with LXQt dektop. I use SDDM as greeter and session starter.
I would love to install the beautiful Breeze SDDM theme without also installing the whole KDE packages that Debian requires (they are too many and I do not plan to use KDE in the near neither far future).

I mean, maybe I can download the theme from GitHub and put it in /usr/share/sddm/themes, change the related line in /etc/sddm.conf file, and voilá! What do you think?

This question is more a petition of advise before I screw up everything in Debian (:smiley:).

Hi LobaLuna,

I can advise only what I’ve learned the hard way: those dependencies are (most of the time) there for a good reason. I use Gnome on many of my machines I actually sit in front of, but I also have the whole KDE stack installed on them, as I do use some applications shipped with KDE. It does not eat up resources apart from some disk space, and I had no issues ever with this setup (apart maybe some missing icons I can live without).

But that’s me, using multiple apps from KDE, so one-time trade-off for all the tools I use every day.

search SDDM in your favorite graphical APT frontend e.g. Synaptic and install it from there

@sandmann, Hi!
Well, I’ll think about it. I’m old guard (very old, indeed) :laughing:

Since I am using LXQt, I try not to install another desktop’s libraries. Back in the days I didn’t mind about it, but now I try not no mix things…
However, some programs have lot of dependencies that are not needed for the program itself, but for the desktop environment. I thought SSDM themes fall in this scenario.

I appreciate your answer, though.

@liam.nillson It is not how to install ssdm-themes that I ask about. Thanks for trying to help, anyway.

Hi LobaLuna,

If you look into the contents of the package, you’ll see that in this case, it contains the artwork and the QML, not an actual program. That’s why the plasma framework and workspace is included as a dependency, which will interpret how the theme should be displayed.

@sandmann Hi!
So logical! Yes. You are right. Thanks again! I’ll look into it.

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