How to install Google Earth on Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver Linux -

We will be using gdebi to install the Google Earth package on our system. gdebi ensures that there are no hassles during the installation as it will also automatically fetch all package prerequisites. In case gdebi is not installed yet on your system you can install it by:

$ sudo apt install gdebi-core wget

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Perfect. Linux Lite 4. Much appreciated.

Pablo Cabrera


Thank you Lubos Rendek for How to install Google Earth on Ubuntu 18.04 dated Jun 20.
Both before and after using Synaptic to completely remove old version of Googleearth this procedure, and similar from Debian and others, all end with error message:

This package is uninstallable
A later version is already installed

Any suggestion why it will not install would be appreciated

Thanks a ton for this. :hugs:

The previous message is pretty old, but if people have trouble, try asking on an Ubuntu forum. I’d recommend AskUbuntu.

Thanks, fast easy installation

Thank you so much and how can I uninstall it in case that I can use alternatively use it on Chrome completely?