How to install Java on Manjaro Linux -

Many developers and programmers choose Manjaro because it's one of the most user-friendly and feature-rich Linux distributions. In this guide, we go over the steps to install the Java Development Kit on Manjaro Linux. We'll show you how to install both the OpenJDK package (which is free and GPL-licensed) as well as Oracle Java SE Development Kit.

Arch Linux and Manjaro only officially support the OpenJDK, as that is the non-proprietary version. However, the Oracle package can be installed from the AUR, as you'll see shortly.

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Hello there. I would like to know how to use the installed JRE that you have showed us and help us open downloaded .Jar programs like for example Optifine for minecraft to install Optifine.

I’ve tried your tutorial but was unable to open Optine.X.X.Jar file and have it install to the .minecraft folder. Thanks in advance!

Hi RandomnessRobin,

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Please share with us the output of the following command on your system:

$ java -version

This should tell us what version of java you are using, and if the environmental variables are set correctly.

Why do you want to install JDK source? For 99.999% of all users is just waste of space as they will not make any development of the java engine.

Also having both JRE and JDK installed is kind of meaningless as all the things you have in JRE you have in the JDK, if you don’t make any java development (your own application of compile java applications from source), you don’t need JDK at all.

Hello and I’m sorry for the very late reply. The reason why I wanted to use Oracle Java was cause in minecraft java I can’t join servers like Hypixel or a server I made without oracle Java.

I kinda fixed that tho by just downloading the Java download and extracting. Then I just hit edit on the game version of minecraft and direct minecraft to the Java file from the extracted Java folder.

Also I use optifine which I thought required oracle Java to open and install to the minecraft folder but was able to install using

java -jar Optine#x#x# basically the version of the optifine and I’m able to install that way.

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