How to install missing ifconfig command on Debian Linux -


The ifconfig command has been deprecated and thus missing by default on Debian Linux, starting from Debian stretch.

# ifconfig
-bash: ifconfig: command not found

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Mizael Clistion

type on terminal:

# sudo updatedb
#sudo locate ifconfig
# sudo /sbin/ifconfig



nigra truo -> Mizael Clistion

What you don’t seem to know: the ifconfig command is no longer installed in modern Linuxes, it is depreciated, ip is replacing it.


Some Guy -> Mizael Clistion

# prompt means root shell. If you are at a root shell then you don’t need to use sudo. For a normal-user shell the prompt is $ not #. Furthermore, Debian includes /sbin in the path when you use sudo, so if you are using sudo then “sudo ifconfig” will work just fine without needing the full path.


Emanuel Alho -> Mizael Clistion

You can create the alias of ifconfig like:
leafpad .bashrc
alias ifconfig=’/sbin/ifconfig’
Save, exit, close console & reopen.
Then type ifconfig as normal user as u wish :slight_smile: