How to Install Nginx on Ubuntu 22.04

Hello everyone, I urgently need to learn how to setup Nginx on Ubuntu 22.04 without receiving errors. please guide me.

I never installed nor configured NGINX, but the NGINX website has an article explaining how to install it and set up sample files.

On Ubuntu 22.04, you install NGINX by opening a new terminal window (CtrlAltT) and then executing this command:

sudo apt install nginx-full nginx-doc -y
  • nginx-full installs:
    – The core NGINX files (nginx-core).
    – NGINX’s common files (nginx-common).
    – Some modules, e.g. libnginx-mod-http-geoip2 (a module that uses the precompiled MaxMind GeoIP2 database to create variables with values that depend on the client IP address), libnginx-mod-mail (a module that provides mail proxy support) etc.

  • nginx-doc provides the NGINX documentation.