How to install R GNU on linux claster?



I just have a basic linux knowladge. Could someone help me with the following problem. I am a research student and using a university linux cluster. I have, so far, used Matlab on the cluster for my programming, which is already available on the linux cluster. Now, however, I would like to install R GNU (see: just for my purposes (I think it should be installed just on my user accout). Another, question is how to install extra packages for R on this cluster.


you could ask cluster admin to install it for you. If not you can always install it from source into your home directory. First download GNU R latest source code for example from here:

copy it to your directory and then issue commands:

$ tar xzf R-2.15.2.tar.gz
$ cd R-2.15.2
$ .configure
$ make

The above will extract and compile R into your directory.

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