How to install Spotify on Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver Linux -


From your desktop menu search and start Ubuntu Software application. Within Ubuntu software search for Spotify and hit Install button and enter your password. Once installed simply click on Launch button to start Spotify application. Be patient as it may take a while before your can see the Spotify window on your screen:

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Elias Soares

Since Bionic Beaver, the apt update step after add-apt-repository is not necessary since the add-apt-repository it self runs the update command.


Lubos Rendek Mod -> Elias Soares

Good point… Article updated. Thank you



Thanks a lot. After an upgrade to Bionic Beaver from 17.10, the package libcurl3 needs to be installed for spotify to be able to get installed. Just: sudo apt install libcurl3


Colin Shorts -> freakyy85

libcurl3 conflicts with clamav (requires libcurl4), but the snap method works just fine.


When it comes to install Spotify on Ubuntu so that we can listen to Spotify songs and playlists on Linxu devices, there are some ways to make it possible, like Snap install Spotify and Debian install Spotify
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