How To Install Ubuntu from USB

hello Sir,

I’m very new in linux, have no idea where to begin it from, but I want to learn it.
I downloaded ISO, created bootable USB, botted from USB but , system is continuously either saying, please insert bootable media and hit enter, or boots from windows.

I used the same method installing Debian, but that was missing almost all of my system drivers. even I was unable to connect to internet, So removed that. Then I googled and found Linux’ Ubuntu a better option that contains almost all of the drivers like normally windows are doing.

In Bios, I’m seeing two more options…
uefi or csm
in UEFI, i gets min windows booting without showing any secondary booting os, and in CSM i dont’ get any bootable media.

Please tell me, what other process should I follow.
thank you

Hi Mfarooqi,

Welcome to our forums.

It’s hard to tell at first glance where the problem is, but let’s narrow it down a bit.

Is your USB in higher position than the hard drive in the boot sequence in your BIOS?
Can you test that your USB image is bootable on another computer? If not, the image may be damaged.

You could also tell us about the hardware you try to install the system to.

And one more question: the Debian image booted with the same settings (I guess UEFI was the default), from the same USB drive you created with the same software?

Hi…you have to partition in advance with gpt and have the ESP - efi system partition (FAT32 with boot flag)
But Ubuntu installs only to first ESP it finds usually sda or internal drive. For me it overwrote my /EFI/ubuntu which was the default boot of my internal drive.
So if you have an internal install of Ubuntu be sure to back up ESP and particularly /EFI/ubuntu folder.