How to install Unity desktop on Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver Linux -

The objective is to install the Unity desktop environment and perform a switch from the default 18.04 desktop environment.

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tap to click doesn’t work

Namer -> romerg

You can fix it installing “xserver-xorg-input-synaptics”.

sudo apt install xserver-xorg-input-synaptics


can’t wait to see this when i load 18.04 this summer. I always wait to upgrade


I was aked to choose between two options during install…


I had issues with this way … stuff was missing … overlooking the sudden (it WAS stable for about 2 weeks… and I mean the unity side only) issues I have had with unity on my nightly install … I had issues with “sudo apt install unity” … with “sudo apt install ubuntu-unity-desktop” …THEN Unity … seemed like Unity

Lubos Rendek Mod -> Xmetal

thank you for pointing this out! The article is now updated…

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And what version of Unity is installed?

Xmetal -> 1 2<date related="" info="" for="" exact="" update=""> ... to be "exact"

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What 18.04 build is it?

Hi there,

After endless VLC crashings and video out of sync, I can enjoy ubuntu 18 with unity.

Gnome and Intel Graphics is to buggy and it was a nightmare.

Thanks a lot for the Unity installation commands.


How do I restore gnome 3? Installing Unity has left my laptop in an unusable state. Clicking on any icon on the quicklaunch bar leaves the mouse in a wait state and I cannot do anything more. I have to manually power off my laptop.

I’m really beginning to hate Ubuntu.

Hi Dean Schulze,

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We have a Gnome installation guide you can follow to reinstall gdm.

About Ubuntu, while it certainly have it’s strange habits, once tweaked a bit from the defaults, I have found it to be quite useful on laptops. On the other hand I had bad experience with Unity, but those where certainly it’s early days.

After installing and rebooting, I can select Unity when logging in, but I’m immediately logged out… I can log into the “Ubuntu on Wayland” environment (gnome) just fine. I followed the installation instructions and received no error messages. Any suggestions ?

Hi Njhetherington,

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You should find some logfiles that will help debug your issue. I’d suggest /var/log/syslog, and you could also look around in your home directory for (possibly hidden) files and directories, called something related to the display manager, like .xsession, and such. They should contain at least some clue what the problem might be.