How to Install WordPress On Debian 9 Stretch Linux -

WordPress is easily the most popular content management system available. It's probably also the most popular platform on the web altogether. Whether you're hosting a small blog of a large online publication, WordPress is an excellent option.
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Carlos Krefft

Another excellent post, thank you!

this walkthrough is a bit more involved than the ubuntu install posted on this page
https colon slash slash linuxhint dot com/100_best_ubuntu_apps/
“3. WordPress Desktop Client
Yes you read it correct, WordPress has its dedicated desktop client for Ubuntu from where you can manage your WordPress sites.”
so i need some clarification on several points:

  1. is this the debian approach to the same functionality of the ubuntu desktop client
  2. is this the debian approach to the same functionality of the windows install of the elementor software
  3. will this walkthrough result in my having functionality of:
    a) my domain hosted on siteground dot com or
    b) a domain hosted on wordpress dot org
  4. i am not sure of what wordpress dot com does, and would you please clarify the difference between wordpress dot com and wordpress dot org

i can walkthrough this install, but before i do this i need clarification on what the end result will be. for example, what does “create your database” do ? why do i need to create a database ? is the purpose of this walkthrough to host my wordpress site on this local desktop (because as i said, i am hosting it on siteground) ? and of the three wordpress accounts listed, which one does it apply to

(the newbie declaration) sorry for asking all of this, but i am new to debian (3 days), and a newbie on wordpress as well (1 month)