How to install Wordpress on RHEL 8 Linux -

This article covers an installation of WordPress, free and open-source content management system, on RHEL 8 Linux Server. In this instance the installation is based on the well-know LAMP stack comprising the RHEL 8, MariaDB, PHP and Apache webserver.
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Excellent article, thanks! On a clean CentOS 8 server install I received the “fatal error” message when connecting to Wordpress. The logfile: /var/log/php-fpm/www-error.log had the error message:“undefined function json_encode()”. I installed php-jason and all was good.

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To get closer to the issue: does your phpinfo() prints that you have JSON support?

I do now. As I mentioned in my post, everything worked once I installed php-jason. I was posting so others would know it was required on a clean install of CentOS 8 since it was not included in step 1. That is,

dnf install php-mysqlnd php-fpm mariadb-server httpd tar curl

should be

dnf install php-mysqlnd php-fpm mariadb-server httpd tar curl php-jason

Additionally php-json is required.

Thank you. Article updated.