How to mount a Samba shared directory at boot - Linux Tutorials - Learn Linux Configuration

Samba is a free and open source interoperability suite of programs which allows us to share files and printers between machines running Linux or Windows. A Samba share is pretty easy to configure and can easily  be accessed on clients, since the vast majority of Linux file explorers has built-in support samba. In certain situations, however, we may want to mount a Samba share at boot, just like a normal filesystem on a specified mountpoint.

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Ciao Egidio,
solo per completezza ed esperienza personale, Fedora36, è stato necessario aggiungere la versione di cifs alle opzioni perchè credo di default assuma la 3 che nel mio caso non è compatibile (evidentemente, mi dava un errore -22 mount.cifs) , aggiungendo “,vers=2.1” alle opzioni è andato.
Ottimo articolo, ciao

OOps, was in english
just for personal experience, on Fedora 36 it was necessary to add cifs version to the options because probably it defaults to 3 but in my case it was not supported; adding “,vers=2.1” to the options it’s gone !