How to set up transmission-daemon on a Raspberry Pi and control it via web interface -

Once installed and configured, we will be able to manage the application using the web interface. For the sake of this tutorial I will install transmission-daemon on a Raspberry Pi, using the Raspbian operating system, however the same instructions should work on Ubuntu and Debian.

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Gregor Šalamun

Hi, thanks for posting. It was pretty straight forward, although i have problem with password. Even after disabling and stopping daemon my password doesnt work and after starting daemon and restarting system… Pasword is still not hashed. Any suggestions?

hey folks
ive dona all the steps how can i tell what username the transmission-daemon runs as ?
because ive given 777 access(to test temporarily) but when i try download to my NFS share it keeps saying permission denied ? help …please?

Hi Micablox,

Welcome to our forums.

Easiest way to determine which user runs the transmission-daemon is with ps. Here is an example:

$ ps -ef| grep transmission
sandmann  1764     1  0 Mar21 ?      00:25:03 transmission-daemon

In the above output the transmission-daemon runs in the name of user “sandmann” with PID 1764, since March 21.