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The following article will provide the readers with information on how to update/upgrade Kali Linux system.
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Step 1 appears to be broken. After updating the sources.list file, per the Step 1 instructions, I started the update. I immediately got the message “deb-sources not known”. After googling this, it looks like it is not needed, per the info on the official Kali website. Only the first line is required. This forum won’t let me post the link
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Thanks for your work on this otherwise.

In step 1, 2nd repository :
It is: deb-src instead of deb-sources
Please correct it.

The above image is original repository if debian kali

How to get permission in kali linux guys as I am being denied

Hi Budhi_KumarRai,

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According to the printscreen provided you try to update your system with normal user privileges, so you get a “permission denied” answer. Kali by default sets the normal user created during install a sudoer enabling it to gain higher privileges.

So you either need to use sudo apt update, or switch to a root session altogether with something like sudo su. The command will ask for your password in both cases. Be careful when executing commands as root, this privilege level is protected for a very good reason.