How to work with the Woocommerce REST API with Python -

Wordpress is probably the most used CMS in the world (it is estimated that almost 40% of all websites are built using the platform): it is very easy to install and use, and allows even non-developers to create website in few minutes. Wordpress has a very large plugin ecosystem; one of the most famous is Woocommerce, which allows us to turn a website into an online store in few steps. The plugin makes use of the Wordpress REST API infrastructure; in this tutorial we will see how to interact with the Woocommerce API using the Python programming language, showing how to list, create, update and delete products and categories.

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Thanks for this very usefull article.
I need to do a dashboard, to know hom many orders are “pending”.
but there is a limit of 100 orders when I make the request.
How I can know the total number of pending orders?