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DXVK is a set of replacement dll files that translate from DirectX 11 to Vulkan. While DXVK is still very new, and it hasn't even seen its 1.0 release yet, Wine gamers are jumping on board with both feet.

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Just did the whole tutorial and now i can’t play anything through Lutris…


Rob Kirk -> rabdin

Worth bearing in mind not everygame supports dxvk and in fact games that have been updated in lutris now have dxvk scripts meaning you dont have to do a damn thing except click install damn more people need to use lutris on linux.Also did you ensure you updated everything first what kernel are you running what game are you trying to play. rembember if all else fails all you have to do is remove lutris and reinstall it and bamb its back to how it was.



Thanks for the solution. A situation came up. I’m not able to install
anything via ap-get install or apt-get update, or apt-get upgrade. what I
get in return is 400 bad request. Please help me on this. Thanks for the post


Christopher Montgomery -> AKEEM AMUSAT

Might be best to start with a new configuration, Save your old repos files then use this site to restore the base repos and any extras listed you may need. This repo configurator will get you going again.



It might be that your distribution is old and the repos were moved to archive (e.g. on Ubuntu the old repos go to You will need to update the server names in the apt sources list


the guide is old, new dxvk doesnt need to run setup twice (x32 and x64 folder) and the setup is now setup_dxvk.verb (user may need to made it executables after extracted)


Hey, thanks for guide. Nicely walked trough process. There was few small differencies to install overrides for d3d11 and dxgi.
Install script is in dxvk-1.0 folder. Install process was bit different too. 1st had to make sh executable “chmod +x” then run it “sh install”. Whit out those changes it would tell that it Failed to resolve C:\windows\system32.