Install Citrix on Ubuntu 20.04

Hello everyone, glad that the Ubuntu LTS version came out. I would like to take this opportunity to ask for help regarding how to install Citrix and make work on Ubuntu Linux. It’s for my work and I would like switch from windows wife laptop with no worries. Plus, I do have few issues with Ubuntu 19.10 regarding the graphic drivers for my AMD APU 3400G, is there any fix for it as I’m getting image stutter and noise. Maybe the last issue is fixed by now with Ubuntu 20.04

The Citrix receiver has been replaced with Citrix workspace app.

Download the workspace app debian package:

$ ls

Use dpkg command to install the package:

$ sudo dpkg -i icaclient_20.04.0.21_amd64.deb

Then simply open the app and connect:

Thank you for the reply and your assistance, but I’m using currently the google chrome extension of Citrix which works fine, but sometimes it crashes of network issue not stable like in windows. The solution offered is giving me trouble by not recogning the URL of my work!

Citrix Error message