Install Irfanview or Vivaldi on Linux Mint 32bit

I’m getting pretty good with the Ubuntu, Thanks to all of you and your help. Now, I’m expanding, I dug out an old HP 32 Bit 4 GB RAM PC, This time I’m loading Mint on it, And it’s totally different. Any tips? Is it possible to load either Irfanview or Vivaldi on it? I’ve been looking, but so far…not much luck on the 32 Bit, Which is understandable.

Thank You

Hi Larry,

Here is how you get Vivaldi Browser on Linux Mint 32bit. I have just tested it its easy as:

First download the 32-bit version of the Vivaldi browser:

Next use gdebi command to install the package:
$ sudo gdebi PACKAGE NAME

Next simply open the Linux Mint applications menu and start the application:

All done:

Hope this helps…


You guys Rock!

That worked perfectly. I spent a few days Googling and such… Nothing worked, I come here and get the right answer really fast.
Food for thought… If ever Linux Config puts up a place for donations… I’ll be there.
Next up will probably be a No Brainier for everyone. I’ll put it up in the next day or so. I’ve done it with Windows, but I’m getting away from that OS.

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