Install Microsoft fonts on Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa Desktop -

In this tutorial we will perform the installation of Microsoft's core TTF fonts on Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa Desktop
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I have tried it now a few times, but it just does not work
removed tried again , but still not installing them.
its thing like this that always make me go back to safe , no big problems, bill gates windows

Hi Stefan1,

Welcome to our forums.

Please provide us with any error messages you get during install, so that we can help you more solving your issue.

Going back to “safe” Windows, well that’s not something I would like to do ever :wink:

Hi and thank you for taking time to answer, and I do apologize for being vague and not submitting all data to start with, but it just bugs the **** when things don’t want to work sometimes, and i had been going at it for a while before writing here, so I was well up in the roof :slight_smile:
Anyway a solution was found!
Following your guide I just could not get the fonts to show in either the font browser or open office
It seemed to install fine, no errors, and i removed and installed again a few times before giving up, called my brother and he showed me another way instead that worked
sudo mkdir ~/ms-fonts/
cd ms-fonts
sudo wget ***
sudo tar -xzf webfonts.tar.gz
cd msfonts
sudo apt install cabextract
sudo cabextract *.exe
sudo cp *.ttf *.TTF ~/.local/share/fonts/
sudo fc-cache -vr

Anyway its working now and I am a happy camper at the moment :slight_smile:As I am all new to this I cannot say why or how, but as long as it works…