Install of bodhi linux doesn't create ext4 file system

Hi Linuxers. trying to install Bodhi linux(legacy) on an old machine, 32 bit. The install doesn’t create an ext4 file system on hdd.

Any suggestions?

If your bootable Bodhi Linux installation media can boot in single user or recovery mode, you can use fdisk and mkfs.ext4 to manually create a primary ext4 partition and format it as such.

Once you’ve manually created and formatted such partition, reboot and try to install Bodhi Linux again.

You may also attempt using another 32-bit distro’s (i.e. 32-bit XUbuntu’s) installation media, so it creates and formats such partition for you, then run Bodhi Linux’s installer in order to replace such distro with Bodhi Linux.

I didn’t care much for bodhi. Jeff Hoggland and I have had words in the past. That said, I would use another distro as suggested to create the partitions. If you want a gui interface, gparted might be your friend… I am running an old version of lubuntu on my old 32 bit netbook. Seems to work fine. Lubuntu (18.04) might be a good alternative.

Search for current 32 bit linux distros itsfoss article is dated November, 2020. Sorry it won’t let me post a link.