Install Wine on Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver Linux -



Hello and thank you for the guide. When I use

sudo apt-add-repository 'deb xenial main
it tells me “the repository… does not have a release file” and I can’t update because of it. Can anyone tell me what should be doing?



Thank you for this!



I attempted to install using the winehq repository and it did not install dont what is going on


Breno Maia -> kylerkkr

If you use Ubuntu 18.04, the repositories still didn’t not updated with the last wine build for this distro


Benno Kushnir

$ wget -qO- | sudo apt-key add -
$ sudo apt-add-repository 'deb xenial main'

Does this mean the winehq repository is not yet up to date with “Bionic Beaver” (as it referes to “xenial”)?


Lubos Rendek Mod -> Benno Kushnir

yes, the Bonic PPA is not yet available! From this reason we need to use tha latest LTS PPA which xenial.


Julio Molero -> Lubos Rendek

artful is available btw (using this one)


Julio Molero -> Lubos Rendek

xenial one is incompatible with some windows runtimes, artful solves that


Hector Garcia Jr

Nice article and great help. Wish people stop net picking on spelling. It is annoying. (Helps to point out, but lets not always be the spelling patrol!) Keep up the good job.


Lubos Rendek Mod -> Hector Garcia Jr

thanks for the support!

In case of the previous comment it was way more than just spelling mistake and I’m glad that it was brought to my attention.


Action Utility Parts Departmen

$ sudo apt install win64
FRO 32bit:
Check your spelling…cost me an hour to realize it’s wine64 not win64, and FRO should be FOR


Lubos Rendek Mod -> Action Utility Parts Departmen

Thank you for reporting this typo. It is now updated.


Julio Molero9 -> kylerkkr

at today, the only available winhq for bionic is the developer version, the rest in artful repositories


This guide is very good to install WineHQ in Linux Mint 19 Bionic. The repository for Bionic does not exist yet, for this reason it is advisible to use “artful main” for the time being.
I followed this guide to the end, checked version and the installation completed properly. I installed Wine HQ Stable version wine-3.0.1
The next step, which is not mentioned in this guide, is the configuration of WineHQ.
After you complete the installation you will not see any icons of Wine in your system. This will only happen after configuration and installation of Windows apps.
To configure you need to run the command winecfg
You will be requested to install a couple of apps Mono and Gecko. Just click the “Install” button on the pop up window. The installation of Gecko will show up twice, which is normal, just click the “Install” button twice. After you have completed the installation of these two apps a new window will pop up, the Wine configuration window. Nothing special here, just click the OK button.
Now you are ready to install Windows applications in your Linux system.
Right click the “.exe” files, select “open with wine” and let the installer run the installation of your apps.
I use wine for foobar2000 which allows to listen to DSD files and make audio convertion to several formats.


To uninstall, do: sudo apt-get remove --autoremove wine64 OR sudo apt-get remove --autoremove wine32


last time i tried to install wine on ubuntu 18.04
it killed my unity desktop and my vpn installation.

i restored the system but now
when i try to ‘sudo apt install wine-stable’
it tells me:

The following packages will be REMOVED:
libnux-4.0-0 libpkcs11-helper1 libunity-core-6.0-9 nginx-full openvpn
php7.2-fpm phpmyadmin session-shortcuts ubuntu-unity-desktop unity

after that - i think - my desktop will be crashed agian…

what can i do?
is it possible to install wine without removing unity and vpn?


I needed to add another directory for the installation to complete. Maybe you can add it to your tutorial.
sudo apt-add-repository
Thank you!


@Lubos Rendek Mod


$ wget -qO- | sudo apt-key add -

Key file has changed in winehq. org, so now the command must be something like

$ wget -qO- | sudo apt-key add -

to avoid errors on next steps.

Hope it helps.


The article will be updated shortly to reflect the proposed change.

thank you !!!


What is this? i haven’t heard this so far but installed ubuntu with the help of which is secured and haven’t faced any issues. Is this wine necessary to install?