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Unable to use standard Kali Linux provided repository for updating the Kali Linux system as well for new software installations.
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awesome, thank you!!


Did the change to https in the source list file, still have the same error…

Hey man if you still find it an erro then you can try this
And I also tried it.
type in terminal : apt update
it may result in some technical words just ignore
then type : apt-get update
if it doesn’t result
then type: sudo apt-get update
then again : apt update
if it dosen’t get fixed the type : apt-get update
again then type : apt-get install --fix-missing
2-3) When you install/upgrade with apt-get upgrade or with apt-get install somepackage, usually apt tries to update dependencies. This means that it may find that some packages need new or updated versions of existing packages, and so on in a cascade of dependencies. If some of those packages are missing or fail the integrity check, it seems to suspend this package, and wants you to go to handle the result following the handle method of the requiring package, if possible. Often it stops installing this package.
(4) With apt-get update you download what is needed to rebuild the list of dependencies.
After that you can try apt-get install --fix-missing again, in the hope that the updated list fixes the problem by itself.
This can be very useful at times, such as when you add a source for packages in your /etc/atp/sources.list, or when the package index files have been updated.

How did you change from http to https?

apt install apt-transport-https
apt update